Kuukou Folding Wristlet Clutch 3105G


Our best selling clutch, hand made from vintage kimono: use as a stylish travel accessory, as it can accommodate a few passports, or a functional 'throw in and go' folding clutch to hold a few essentials on a night out. 

This silky smooth fabric is adorned with the classic repeating ‘seigaiha’ pattern, called ‘blue waves’, or fishscales. Inside each crest sits a ‘sensu’ folding fan, outlined in deep purple, mauve or lilac. The sensu is used in traditional dance performances. 

Ryuusu patterns are woven into the silk fabric, and creates added texture. These motifs symbolise water, and wandering streams in particular.

This vintage kimono was sourced from the Osaka area of Japan.  It is approximately 20-30 years old.

Handmade by self help groups in Cambodia.

Dimensions: 24cm x 13cm


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