Hidari Wristlet Pouch 3257E


Our handy pouch, to keep a few essentials together, stylishly.

Can be paired with the smaller Migi Wristlet Pouch as a set.

This silky smooth fabric is adorned with the classic 'seigaiha' pattern, also known as blue waves or fish scales. The repetitive pattern of waves was used on Chinese maps
to depict the sea. It was made popular by the artist Seikai Kanshichi.  
It is said to symbolise the desire for continued peaceful living, like tranquil waves. 

The base silk fabric is woven with a pattern, lending extra texture. 

This vintage kimono was sourced from the Osaka area of Japan.  It is approximately 30 years old.

Handmade by self help groups in Cambodia.

Dimensions: 24cm x17cm.


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