Fukuro Obi Clutch 2793C


Our signature clutch, hand made from vintage 'obi': the sash worn with kimono at formal occasions.

Dainty teal green ‘kiku’ and pale pink ‘kikyo’ adorn this obi. Kiku, the Chrysanthemum is the Flower of the Imperial House and and often used icon of Japan itself (it features on Japanese passports). It represents rejuvenation and longevity.  The Japanese meaning of Kikyo is Pentagram, as the Bellflower has five petals. It is an important symbol in Taoism as each petal represents an element: wood, fire,
earth, metal and water. It is a common ‘mon’ family crest.

This obi is heavily embroidered with shades of warm red: some of the weaving can be easily snagged with jewellery so need to be handled quite gently! 

This vintage Fukuro Obi was sourced from the Osaka area of Japan.  It is approximately 30 -40 years old, and in excellent condition.

Handmade by self help groups in Cambodia.

Dimensions: 30.5cm x 20.5cm


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