Fukuro Obi Clutch 2627 C


Our signature clutch, hand made from vintage 'obi': the sash worn with kimono at formal occasions.

Dramatic silver Guruma cover the black obi.  This symbol has been a popular kimono pattern since the Heian era 794 to 1185AD.  The Gengi Guruma, is a cart that was linked with the shell of Karma in the classic Tale of Genji.  

This weave is Nishijin technique: developed in an area of Kyoto over 2000 years ago, and is still produced there

This vintage Fukuro Obi was sourced from the Osaka area of Japan.  It is approximately 20 to 30 years old, and in excellent condition.

Handmade by self help groups in Cambodia.

Dimensions: 31cm x 18cm


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